Fall 2011 Metal Clay Today e-magazine is available now

The new Fall 2011 Metal Clay Today hit the internet yesterday.  You can find it at  www.MetalClayToday.com.  A free, internet-only magazine devoted to supporting and promoting metal clay, MCT boasts wide and varied content, including two of my own articles in the current issue:

– A round-up of photographs I shot at the recent 2011 Metal Clay World Conference in Chicago (both of clients’ work and of North American Design Competition entries).  There was much beautiful design work to see.  I was honored to have the opportunity to shoot it.

– And a short article in the “Tips & Tricks” column on how to build a portable photo studio. (Or a small studio artists can use in their homes to control light when they’re shooting.) This is the same studio I used while working in Chicago.

This is an excellent magazine.  Editors Tes Shea, Arli Wolfson and Lori Phillips put their hearts into every issue.  The artists they spotlight produce beautiful and important work in the medium.

The piece on this issue’s cover is by Carol Douglas, an extremely talented British artist.   Pam East captured the work beautifully in her photo.

Metal Clay Today- Summer 2011 Cover. Jewelry by Carol Douglas. Photography by Pam East.

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