A science experiment cleverly disquised as product photography

I’ve been working  to set up my studio for traditional product photography. In the course of this project, I came across the perfect  “product” upon which to experiment.

Orbitz soda. Product photography by Steve RossmanThis Orbitz soda bottle has been sitting in my office since 1996.  Really.   I’m pretty sure I planned on drinking it at the time.  But it sat in my office for a few days, and I was amazed that the little lemon globules hadn’t settled to the bottom.   So I shook it.  Hard.  Still no settling.  Or absorption.
Now that I had shaken a carbonated beverage, I certainly wasn’t going to drink it for a while.  So I stuck it on an upper shelf, along with my Ralph Steadman Flying Dog beer bottle (empty).

The years passed, and those nasty little lemons still hung suspended.  Now it’s a full-fledged science experiment.  15 years and counting.

By the way, Orbitz soda is now listed by Women’s Day as one of the 7 great food product flops in modern history.  Along with Funky Purple Ketchup.

Shot in my Escondido studio with a Nikon D300 and 60mm macro lens.  It’s sitting atop a lightbox with white acrylic top and  surrounded by reflectors. There’s no other lighting.

(NB:  Orbitz soda has absolutely no relation to the Orbitz.com travel website.)

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4 Responses to A science experiment cleverly disquised as product photography

  1. John E. Faulkner says:

    Pretty slick, Steve

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks, John! I had fun with this one.

  3. linda Wendfeldt says:

    Only you, Steve! SO inventive, both the experiment and your photography!! Love to you and Jonna. Miss you guys. Will be home
    Oct. 23.

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