Kandra’s Beads opens in Solvang, CA

Kandra Norsigian, great friend (and bead and glass artist – you’ve seen her work in these pages), has opened a new shop in the heart of the village of Solvang, CA.

On our way home from one of Jonna’s recent teaching stints in Arroyo Grande (a little further up the California coast), we stopped to see Kandra and her shop.  It’s beautiful now, and getting better every day.  The shop is well-stocked, and Kandra is already organizing both trunk shows and classes.

The day we visited, she was eagerly awaiting delivery of her exterior awning/signage and the place was still hopping!

If you’ve never been to Solvang, it’s just off the central California coast, less than an hour north of Santa Barbara, and is filled with galleries, antiques and great restaurants.  Kandra’s shop now makes it an even more perfect place to visit.

Kandra’s Beads
1539A Mission Drive
Solvang, CA 93463

Kandra Norsigian of Kandras Beads. Photography by Steve RossmanKandras Beads interior. Photography by Steve Rossman.Kandra's Beads interior with Kandra & Jonna. Photography by Steve Rossman

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2 Responses to Kandra’s Beads opens in Solvang, CA

  1. kandra1 says:

    Thank you so much for the blurb. I miss you and Jonna so much, you two need to make another road trip!
    Love, Kandra

  2. Rick Norsigian says:

    Hi Kandra; just looked at your new building it’s great. I look forward to put the Norsigian Collection of photos in your business!! Your cousin Rick Norsigian

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