Things to do in Escondido when the power grid goes down

San Diego County (essentially the size of the state of Connecticut) along with parts of northern Mexico, western Arizona and southern Orange County CA all lost power yesterday. Don’t ask. My guess is that some guy in Yuma, Arizona stuck a fork in a toaster.

It was fun. We found flashlights,  candles and an emergency radio Jonna got when she made a donation to KPBS some years ago. We broke out our RummiKub game and played in the semi dark. It was quite a bit cooler outside than in (gotta love really old houses), so about 10 pm, we moved out to the porch and watched the lights of passing cars in a thankfully bright, moonlit night. Once our eyes adjusted, it was eerily beautiful. I overcame inertia, grabbed camera and tripod from my studio and tried to capture the scene.  The shot below was a very long exposure (11 Mississippis, if memory serves). The photo looks quite a bit lighter than the scene actually was, but that’s okay. Power returned for us at 1:30am.  For some, it could be down until Sunday. That wouldn’t be fun.

Blackout in Escondido. Night Photography by Steve Rossman

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4 Responses to Things to do in Escondido when the power grid goes down

  1. Eleven Mississippis was the magic number to capture this eerily beautiful photograph! I love it! You give a whole new slant to making lemonade out of lemons! It’s a wonderful trait! Judith

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks Judith! We like lemonade…

  3. Jan says:

    Beautiful!! Love RumiKub too! Glad you guys had a pleasant (although warm and dark) evening!
    Love you

  4. steverossman says:

    Thanks, Jan. We’ll just have to have a RumiKub marathon next time you’re over. See you soon. Much love! steve

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