Balboa Park at night

Night Photography by Steve Rossman.I love shooting at night.  Just something about the mystery of it.  These shots were all made on the Prado, the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park, in an area that was built for the 1915 Panama–California Exposition.  Since this was a temporary event and construction methods weren’t all that they might have been, the fact that these buildings are still standing is a bit of a miracle.  Some of the structures on the Prado have been recently rebuilt in a way that diminishes them, but these shots represent original 1915 architecture.

The photos were made in 2009 with my Nikon D300 mounted on a tripod.  The exposures were long…up to 15 seconds, and the night was breezy, so there is some movement in the branches and leaves.  Okay by me.

They are, in order:
– Museum of Man Tower
– The Night Parade (apologies to Robbie Robertson…it’s a great song)
– Friar Carving at the Museum of Man
– Alcala Gardens Gateway and Ancient Beech
– Casa de Balboa Turret, and
– Two Jewel Palms

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3 Responses to Balboa Park at night

  1. greg says:

    Beautiful photos, you have a wonderful eye.

    Greg & Marcie

  2. Splendid! I felt as though I were there! Judith

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