Visions of California

There’s a funny thing that goes through my head whenever I tell people from the midwest, the east coast and especially from outside the US, that I live in California. I’m pretty sure they have a well-developed image in their heads (…Hollywood, Malibu, Baywatch!) of “California.” All 163,696 sq miles of it.

Spoiler alert!  Here’s how a large proportion of the state actually looks.
California Animation. Aerial photos by Steve RossmanThe three-image  slide show at left will cycle 8 times.  Just press the F5 key to refresh.

The shots were taken from commercial airliners over southern California deserts and were made with a Nikon D70 camera and 70mm lens.

If you’re shooting from a plane, try to get your lens right up against the window and turn your flash off.

The body of water is the Salton Sea.  As the name implies, it’s a salt lake.
And it’s getting saltier every year.  Not unlike myself.

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