View from the Accademia bridge

Accademia View by Steve Rossman

A few days ago, I ran into a dear friend who had recently returned from a magical first trip to Italy.  That got me thinking about our own trips there.

This is a view from Venice’s Accademia bridge (Ponte dell’Accademia) looking toward the basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.  The watery-looking area down the center of the image is Main St (better known as the Grande Canal). The big white boat is a city bus (vaporetto).

Everyone knows about the Venetian canals.  But what we hadn’t realized before we arrived, was that, with little bridges (5 steps up, five steps down) crossing canals every 100 feet or so, there are absolutely no cars, no motorcycles, not even bikes. You’re either on the canals (occasionally), or you walk.   And walk we did.

Venice is a maritime city where west meets east.  You can see moorish influences in the window details of the nearest building. These details abound.

In other cities, most of the art is locked away inside museums.  In Venice, the city is the museum.  We originally went there to find glass and beads for Jonna’s jewelry.  We came back for the city.

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One Response to View from the Accademia bridge

  1. The photo almost looks ethereal. I can understand why you went back for the city! Judith

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