Zebras in the dust

During one of our many visits to the zoo, the zebras put on quite a show. They rough-housed for more than half an hour, kicking up plenty of dust in the process, which made the images even more dramatic. Though at times they looked like they were intent on inflicting real damage, no one was hurt… to the contrary, they seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Shot with my Nikon D300 camera and the  18 – 200 mm “walk around” zoom lens that came bundled with it.  This isn’t my favorite lens (by any means) but it is a decent all-purpose tool when you’re out all day and don’t want to lug around a bunch of glass.

The image below is an ‘animation’ including 4 slides.  It will cycle a few times.  To refresh, just hit the F5 key.

Zebras kicking up dust by Photos and animation by Steve Rossman

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3 Responses to Zebras in the dust

  1. Diana Skall says:

    Excellent pictures Steve!

  2. Ah, zebras!!!! My fav! A perfectly clear action shot! Also my new wallpaper! I really love this photo! Thanks!

    • steverossman says:

      Thanks Judith! Were you able to see that there are actually 3 photos??? The animation works fine on my computer, but Jonna tells me that she had to click on the photo, to get a pop-up window, in order to see the animation (slide show).

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