Sterling silver textured cuff by Pauline Warg

Even as we speak, master jewelry maker, designer, metalsmith and enamelist Pauline Warg is teaching at Metals Week at the Idyllwild Summer Arts Festival.

Pauline and terrific husband, Gary, are co-founders of Warg Enamel & Tool Center in Scarborough, Maine.  She’s the author of Making Metal Beads, published by Lark Books.  And, I’m told by Jonna that she’s a thoroughly amazing teacher. I believe it.

You can learn much more about Pauline and the company at

The gorgeous cuff below is fabricated from sterling silver using chasing and matting tools.   I shot this piece as a close detail, because I wanted you to see the amazing detail Pauline creates.

Shot in my Escondido studio using a Nikon D300 camera, Nikkor 60mm macro lens and softbox lighting and reflectors.

Sterling silver Cuff by Pauline Warg. Image by San Diego jewelry photographer Steve Rossman.

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2 Responses to Sterling silver textured cuff by Pauline Warg

  1. Exquisite! Pauline is always on the cutting edge of new techniques; therefore, cutting edge designs. I had the pleasure of attending one of Pauline’s inspirational classes at which time she autographed her fabulous book for me. And your photo is amazing, Steve. You brought to life each stroke of her chasing and matting tools! Truly magnificent!

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks, Judith! She’ll be so glad to hear. I’m in awe of the craftsmanship inherent in both the design and fabrication of Pauline’s work.

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