Jewelry by Ann & Stan Rosier (with Greg Hanson’s Glass)

Ann & Stan Rosier are local “Alchemists” (San-Diego-based artists who explore the wonders of metal clay).  They are extremely talented practitioners of the art.  And they’re good friends.

This post includes three pieces:
– a close-up detail of Felicity a richly textured, beautiful silver metal clay bracelet by Ann;
Moon Phases, an iconic bronze clay bracelet by Stan;
– and Captured, an amazing necklace that uses Stan’s metal clay and off-loom bead weaving artistry to showcase a hand-made glass cabochon by Gregory Hanson.  Greg is the immensely talented Portland, OR glass artist whose unique work has been discussed here before. See more of Greg’s work at

All three pieces were shot in my Escondido studio this past weekend using a Nikon D300 camera, Nikkor 60mm macro lens and softbox lighting and reflectors.

Oval panel bracelet by Ann Rosier.  Jewelry photo by Steve Rossman.Ancient bronze cuff by Stan Rosier. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman.Silver, glass & seed-bead necklace by Stan Rosier with cabochon by Greg Hanson. Phot by Steve rossman

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3 Responses to Jewelry by Ann & Stan Rosier (with Greg Hanson’s Glass)

  1. The photography and pieces are stunningly beautiful! Captured not only captured Greg’s cabochon but my heart as well! All of you make a great team! Judith

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks, Judith! The pieces are gorgeous. They were a delight to shoot. Steve

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