Musée National Picasso, Paris

Writing about the Dufort workshop has clearly gotten me onto a French jag. It continues…

The Musée Picasso in Paris is a wonderful contradiction in terms, probably not unlike the quixotic artist himself.  Del Hotel Salé, the 17th century mansion that’s home to the collection, is as ornate and traditional as the artist was modern and avant-garde. The juxtaposition of old and new should be jarring, but it isn’t. It just somehow feels right. I’m very fond of this particular architectural detail.

I took this photo during our 2004 visit to France.  It was published in an internet guide to Paris (  The hand-held shot was made with an old Nikon D70.

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2 Responses to Musée National Picasso, Paris

  1. Such magnificent detail and contrasts of light and shadows. Viewing these masterpieces is the closest thing to a spiritual experience. Thank you, Steve! And congrats that your image was published in an internet guide to Paris. Judith

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks! It’s a beautiful interior. And I was very pleased to be included in the guide.

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