Glass Beads by Kandra Norsigian

Dear friend, bead artist extraordinaire and glass bead maker, Kandra Norsigian, was down from central California for a workshop with Jonna over Memorial Day weekend.  While she was here, I took the opportunity to shoot some of her wonderful glass beads.  The color and saturation of these tiny pieces of art are a delight.

I placed the beads on a reflective black glass shelf, blocked a few inches above the tabletop, then lit them strongly from the left, directly on the “horizon line,” with a reflector on the opposite side to just catch the edges and add a bit more dimension.

See lots more of Kandra’s work at

Glass beads by Kandra Norsigian. Photgraphy by Steve Rossman

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3 Responses to Glass Beads by Kandra Norsigian

  1. Wow! I feel like I can reach out and touch them! Thanks for the info on how you captured their beauty from a photographers point of view!

  2. Steve, thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend and the wonderful pictures you took of my beadwork and my glass beads. You are an incredible artist! I love both of you!

  3. steverossman says:

    The pleasure was all mine, Kandra. We’ll see you soon! I’m working on the schedule for teaching in your area.

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