Folk Art Angel, artist unknown

This is a very cool little piece of folk art we’ve had in the house for years.  In fact, he lives on my office desktop.  Stands about 8″ high.  Don’t know the name of the artist.  I’m not sure we ever did.  But I’ve always loved both the soft colors and the construction.

Shot in my Escondido studio in the past few days, using a Nikon D300 camera and 60mm Nikkor macro lens.  Lighting consisted of a 500W softbox and reflector. The gradient was added in PhotoShop.

Folk art sculpture - Tin wood and wire angel.  Artist unknown.  Photography by Steve Rossman.

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3 Responses to Folk Art Angel, artist unknown

  1. Judith Moore says:

    This is “very” cool! I feel as though I can reach out and touch it! It makes me wanna smile! Judith

  2. Jan C Spencley says:

    Often note and enjoy that piece and wonder about its origins – and now not sure why I did not ask. Like Judith, it makes me smile. Ahead of its time, I think. Great photo (but you knew that).

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