Sacred image in Montolieu, France

A few years ago, Jonna and Marcie Stone went to the south of France to teach a class with Gwen Gibson, in Gwen’s lovely and amazing home studio in Dufort. While they were teaching, I prowled the countryside with my camera, listening to the audio version of Tracy Chevalier’s wonderful ‘The Lady and the Unicorn,’ a story of medieval France and scoping out places to take Jonna.  Couldn’t have been more perfect.

Jonna and I visited a lot of grand churches and cathedrals during the visit.  But in the tiny church of St. Andre in the “book village” of Montolieu, I came across the most primitive, yet evocative crucifixion I’d ever experienced.

Photography by Steve Rossman

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2 Responses to Sacred image in Montolieu, France

  1. Judith Moore says:

    A very touching story, Steve. I understand your description of the crucifix being most primitive yet evocative. Those are the special experiences never to be forgotten. I have a couple of those too. Thanks for sharing. Judith

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