Lynn Moon Portraiture Bust

Lynn Moon is a seriously talented San Diego-based sculptor and jewelry designer.

She’s well underway in creating a web site to raise both awareness of and money for charities that benefit dogs.  You’ll see much more on this project in later posts.

This week, we’ve been capturing images of her absolutely wonderful portraiture busts, as exemplified by the animation below.  Lynn’s work is truly amazing from every angle.

Shot in my Escondido, CA studio.  We set up a turntable and left all lighting and exposure settings constant for each slide.  Lit from the left by a 500W softbox and from the right by a white reflector.  The animation runs six times, then settles on the final slide.  Just press the F5 key to refresh.

Sculpture by Lynn Moon. Photos and animation by Steve Rossman

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6 Responses to Lynn Moon Portraiture Bust

  1. Lynn’s work is incredible. She is a multi-skilled, talented lady. I thank you for this imaginative photo shoot. I look forward to many more
    Teresa Masters

  2. Jan C Spencley says:

    Incredible sculpture. Absolutely love your inventive way of providing a three dimensional view — fabulous. Looking forward to seeing more!! Thanks for sharing Steve.

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  4. I was fortunate enough to meet Lynn in your first photography class at WCCPLC and now to see her sculpture in it’s completed stage is a vision to behold! And to see it in a three dimensional view is more than I could have ever dreamed! I so admire her talent as well as her work with dogs. Your mastery in photography and logo design wonderfully connects both of your talents! Judith

  5. steverossman says:

    Thanks so much, Judith! It was so good to see you, albeit briefly, at Jayne’s. What a great surprise. Hope you are well. Your work is gorgeous! s

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