Stability by Deb Jemmott

Deb Jemmott, who’s been featured here before, is an extraordinarily talented artist, metalsmith and teacher.  You can see much more of her work at

This small copper sculpture is titled ‘Stability’ because it is stable in six or seven different positions.  Deb says, “I design and build sculptural pieces to be seen and appreciated from all directions — there is no front or back or on this one, no up or down or right or left….. it can be turned any direction.”  Personally, I love the piece for its simplicity and grace. 

‘Stability’ was shot on black glass in my Escondido, CA studio earlier this year.

Stability by Deborah Jemmott. Sculpture phorography by Steve ROssman.

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One Response to Stability by Deb Jemmott

  1. Judith E. Moore says:

    Two pros! Artist and photographer!

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