MASSC Profiles Connie Fox

MAASC (Metal Arts Society of Southern California) profiled Connie Fox in their May/June issue.  Connie is a hugely talented San Diego-based metalsmith, jewelry designer and teacher.  Her work (and her life) deserve all the accolades she receives.  Connie is a committed and generous soul.

Here’s a link to the article:  Her profile begins on page four.  See Connie’s website,, for more info on her work, classes and offerings.

I’m proud that MASSC used one of my images in her profile.  The piece, “Wide Cuff with Spinners,” is quite wonderful. It’s fabricated silver.  The spinners add much interest and motion.  The work is pure Connie.

MASSC-Connie Fox. Jewelry by Connie Fox. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman.
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2 Responses to MASSC Profiles Connie Fox

  1. Hi Steve,
    Is that a ring as on your finger? If it is, I think it is beautiful, if it’s not it is still beautiful!

  2. Judith E. Moore says:

    I immediately recognized your excellent photography in the wonderful profile of Connie!

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