World Trade Center, circa 1988

We’ll hold jewelry photos for another day.

Today we express a simple, yet fervent, hope that last night’s news marks the end of a terrible era, and the beginning of a time of healing.

The snapshot below was taken from the top of the World trade Center during a trip to Manhattan in the late-eighties.  For 10 years, I haven’t been able to look at it without thinking of the thousands who perished.  Here’s hoping this day helps bring the world a little closer to a time without terrorism.

Photography by Steve Rossman

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One Response to World Trade Center, circa 1988

  1. steverossman says:

    Looking at this post in 2015, I could not remember the event that I referenced. I checked on Google. May 1, 2011 was the day President Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden. I wish I could say, looking both back and forward, that it marked any kind of end to terrorism…

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