The Beatles, 1965 (by Robert Whitaker)

All this talk about the Royals got me thinking about real British royalty.

A few years ago, Morrison Hotel (a gallery specializing in photos of and by musicians) held an opening night party for a show by Robert Whitaker, one of the primary photo-chroniclers of the Beatles.  This photo was in the show.  I spoke with Whitaker & told him that I was in one of his shots. Then I took him over and pointed to the second balcony.

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3 Responses to The Beatles, 1965 (by Robert Whitaker)

  1. Jan C Spencley says:

    Yes, now that is royalty. Isn’t it hard to believe that “Glee” has outsold the beatles in singles? To be overtaken by a TV show and iTunes…sad.

  2. steverossman says:

    Yeah, but there were way less people in those ancient times.

    • Here’s the end of the story, that I’ll never understand. About 5 months before the concert, a friend and I collected money from about 15 other kids and went into NYC the first morning tickets went on sale. We got on line 3 hours before the ONLY box office opened and were about 20th on line. We bought the most expensive tickets. When we got to the concert, we found ourselves in the second balcony, about a mile from where the Beatles were singing. Never understood why our seats were so lousy. To this day, I’m sure our friends think we pocketed most of the money and got cheap seats. For the record, we didn’t. My story. Sticking to it.

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