SD Continuing Ed – Two Classes on Photographing Jewelry


Jewelry by Jonna Faulkner. Jewelry photography by Steve Rossman.

Strawberry earrings, Autumn Fan necklace and Desert Panel bracelet by Jonna Faulkner


I have exciting news!  I’ve been asked by San Diego Continuing Education to teach two classes on Photographing Jewelry this spring and summer.  The first is a series of three sessions from 9 am – 12 noon on successive Saturdays, May 14th, 21st, and 28th.  The second series (also three sessions) will be in late July and early August.

 With nine hours for each class series, we’ll have time to go through camera basics and settings, studio set-ups and lighting, and at least a good solid beginning for digital photo-editing.

 The classes will be held at the West City Center Campus of SDCE.  They actually will be in the same room where Deb Jemmott teaches metalsmithing, which I find inspiring.  For those unfamiliar with SDCE procedures, there’s no pre-registration.  Just show up the first morning.  It’s first come, first served. The fee should be pretty minimal.  I’ll have more on this soon.

 I’m excited.  My aim is to help jewelry artists do a better job of shooting their work.  I hope to see some of you there!

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6 Responses to SD Continuing Ed – Two Classes on Photographing Jewelry

  1. Jan C Spencley says:

    Yeah!! Congratulations Steve. That is wonderful.

    Already committed the first Saturday of the first series – but will try to do the second (if it does not conflict with Idyllwild). So excited (unless I have to buy a new camera). Yeah!! I need help.

  2. Judith E. Moore says:

    What wonderful news, Steve. I’ve been anxiously awaiting to see the info in print! I’m delighted that you’re the person they chose to teach the class! Will see you Saturday morning, May 14th, bright and early!!!

  3. That’s great, Judith! Look forward to seeing you there. steve

  4. shawna adam says:

    This sounds wonderful! I will travel from Orange County to take the class. Please keep me posted

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