Who rules?

Who rules, and who serves, in our home?  

You think either Jonna or I had a fighting chance?  You can vote, if you’d like.  The phone lines are open, so are the comment pages.

Meet Leo, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I do believe the emphasis is on “King.”

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4 Responses to Who rules?

  1. Helen Cooper says:

    Ahh, what a beauty Leo is! No doubt, he is the ruler of his Kingdom and alas, you all serve his Majesty. Thank you for sharing him with us. You might let him know he is gaining loyal devoted subjects with each photo of those gorgeous eyes.

  2. steverossman says:

    Thanks Helen! Leo thanks you, too. He wants all the devoted followers he can get.

  3. Judith E. Moore says:

    King Leo gets my vote!!!

  4. Jan C Spencley says:

    Those who know the household know who rules! And the look on his face in these pictures capture him so well. Know that in the second one he is pretending to rest but really on the lookout for any treat that may fall to the floor and alert to any person that may walk “past” his treat shelf. Love Leo (who does not?) Sweet and handsome. What a combination.

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