Deb Jemmott’s ‘Serenity’

Deb Jemmott runs the metals program at the prestigious Idyllwild Summer Arts Program.  (  And she’s been teaching in San Diego for many years. (   As such, she’s been Jonna’s metalsmithing and fabrication teacher and mentor since they both were tots.  Deb has forgotten more about metal than the rest of us combined know.  But most important, she is an artist of the highest order.  Learn more about this seriously talented and generous artist at

Here’s how Deb describes this work in copper titled ‘Serenity:’  “It’s about finding peace wherever things fall.  The pieces are meant to look like the just fell into the arrangement, but found a peaceful and serene relationship. There’s no front or back — and I guess it could even be turned upside down and still work…. ” 

It works inside out and across the room for me.  Her work is gorgeous.  A delight to shoot.

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2 Responses to Deb Jemmott’s ‘Serenity’

  1. Judith E. Moore says:

    I second that!!!!!!! Having had been a student of Deb’s for many years, your comments are bang on! She’s the best in all aspects! Judith

  2. Jan C Spencley says:

    Wow, that piece is just beautiful – have seen it in person (and touched it because it begs to be touched). You did an amazing job photographing it and capturing the mood and flow of the piece. Love it. Jan

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