Three Rings by Connie Fox

We are blessed, in San Diego, to have a community of extraordinary metalsmith artists and teachers.  Connie Fox is that rarest of combinations, an amazing talent who can explain and de-mystify her art. Her classes are always full, and for good reason. 

These three rings represent new work for Connie. While her work is ever evolving, her signature is crystal clear in everything she does.   See a ton more work and many, many classes at

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2 Responses to Three Rings by Connie Fox

  1. Judith E. Moore says:

    Steve, you mean six rings? HA! This photo is absolutely fantastic! Actually, it’s beyond fantastic! What a talent you are! Connie has been my mentor for well over six years. I’ve always shared that she is the wind beneath my wings. And you are the wind beneath her rings!

  2. steverossman says:

    You’re hilarious! Connie IS an amazing talent. I’ve just gotten to record some of her work.

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