Marcie Stone’s Embellished Pine Needle Basket

Marcie Stone is an artist of immense talent.  She uses sculptural beadwork to create wearable art and stand-alone objects, including wonderful pieces like this embellished pine needle basket.  She collaborates, too, with her equally-gifted husband, glass artist Gregory Hanson.

Marcie was, for many years, owner of the Shepherdess in San Diego, before her move  to Portland a few years back.  (Alas, good for Marcie and Greg, sad for the rest of us!!)  It was Marcie who ran the workshops where Jonna first began to learn her craft, and Marcie who gave Jonna her first opportunity to teach.  We owe her much.

This piece is not new.  It was a gift upon Jonna’s 50th, a few (eek!) years ago.  It’s been a treasure for us, and we want to share it with you.

To see more of Marcie’s & Greg’s amazing work, both individualy and in collaboration, go to and to

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One Response to Marcie Stone’s Embellished Pine Needle Basket

  1. Judith Moore says:

    What a touching story behind Jonna’s birthday gift! I well remember Marcie, in fact, I took my very first PMC class with Jonna at the Shepherdess! And I easily became inflatuated with Jonna all at the same time! And, still am! HA!

    I made it a point to go down to the Shepherdess to say goodbye to Marcie before she left to thank her contribution to the artist community as a whole. Thanks for sharing, Judith

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