Thinking about Japan

The news out of Japan was horrific yesterday and threatens to be even more frightening today.  Our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

Years ago, I made a very short business trip to Tokyo.  I was in day-long meetings, so I’d get out of the hotel by 5 am each morning, giving myself a few hours to walk the city with small camera in hand.  Especially at that hour, when the city was just starting to awaken, it was a very magical place.  We can only hope that with time, work and patience, it can be so again.

These images were shot with a point & shoot camera, scanned at very high resolution and edited in PhotoShop.

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One Response to Thinking about Japan

  1. Judith Moore says:

    I have a special relationship with these photos as well, Steve. As a young Navy wife throughout the 70’s, I spent the majority of the decade visiting ports along the Western Pacific Rim. My visits to Japan changed my life. My home is a reflection of all those fascinating countries but predominately Japan. So when I saw your photos my heart did a couple little pittie pats! Thanks for sharing. Judith

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