Single white rose

I should mention right up front that I ‘m crazy about my new studio.  It’s just a
10′ x 10’ reclaimed tool shed, but it’s the best space I’ve ever had for shooting small objects.  It’s so much easier to be productive when you have a dedicated space.  I guess that’s true no matter what you do.

This single white rose was shot yesterday in the studio,  against a black seamless, using a Nikon D300, a 60mm macro lens, 500w softboxes and various reflectors.  There’s a second shot from this series in the “Fine Images” gallery. 

Smelled pretty darn good, too!

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2 Responses to Single white rose

  1. Judith says:

    OMG, Steve, I love this photo! I don’t think I’ve ever really seen the essence of a rose captured so magnificently. I’m very moved………thanks so much for posting.

    • steverossman says:

      Thanks so much Judith! I’ve posted a second image, of four roses, that came out of the shoot. I was pretty happy with it as well. It’s on the “Fine Images” gallery page.

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